Meeting Schedule

Kentucky REALTORS® holds four business meetings annually. Our Legislative Meeting takes place in February in Lexington, which brings members across the state together for governance meetings and to connect with our state legislators. Committees hold their inaugural meeting for the year and we hold an evening reception for members to mingle with their legislators. In June is our Summer Retreat. This is a business meeting always held at a fun location. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct association business while also having fun networking with fellow REALTORS® from across the state. September is our Annual Convention. Convention is four packed days of education and informational sessions, networking and committee meetings. It is a must attend event for all members. We finish out the year where we started (in Lexington) with our Leadership meeting. This meeting is a multiple day training held for the next year's local board and state leadership (KYR Officers, local Board Presidents and Presidents-elect, KYR delegates, KYR Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs, and local Association Executives).

We hope to see you at one of our many meetings throughout the year! If you have any meeting questions, please contact Suzanne Reeves at

Below is a tentative schedule of meetings.

Meeting dates are subject to change.

2024 Summer Retreat – June 24 - 27, 2024

French Lick Resort  |  French Lick, IN


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Building Elite Customer Service: If Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, Where are My Buyer and Seller From?

The first step to running a successful business is figuring out what your client needs and how best to give it to them. In this session, you will delve into the minds of your clients. Successful businesses meet clients’ needs better than their competitors. Most real estate professionals do not recognize what their clients really want and therefore lose repeat customers they could be developing. Don’t let the opportunity to stand out in your industry pass you by.

1:00-4:00pm :

Buyer's Agent Bootcamp: How to Eliminate Deal Killing Mistakes, Be Seen as an Expert & Close Buyers for Life

Amid litigation and industry scrutiny, buyer agent compensation has become less predictable, impacting residential agents. Surveys indicate negative perceptions of agents, resulting in a low customer retention rate of 12%. In addition to teaching agents how to enhance their professionalism, this course offers a no nonsense approach for getting buyer brokerage agreements signed. Agents will identify what they need to know to be recognized as a market expert, how to gauge where their market is and where it’s going, and how to establish the credibility and trust necessary for a customer to happily pay their commission. Participants will gain expertise in market analysis, credibility building, and accountability practices, transforming their approach from transactional to client-centric.



Valuation: CMA’s, BPO’s & What to Expect When You're Expecting ... A Good Appraisal

Everyone has an opinion of what the value of a property is. The buyer has one, the seller has another, and then the appraiser comes in and tells you what its “really” worth. As the real estate professional, you need to understand the valuation process backwards and forwards. The client hired you to do a job and knowing the market value of the property and how the appraiser will do their report is must-have information. In this session, you will learn how valuation works, what the appraiser does, and the best ways to get your appraisals to come in. We will also cover BPO’s and CMA’s so that you have all the needed tools for whatever real estate throws your way.

2024 KYR Convention & Installation – September 23 - 26, 2024

Marriott Griffin Gate

1800 Newtown Pike, Lexington

2025 Leadership Conference – December 2 – 4, 2024

Hyatt Regency Hotel

West High Street, Lexington

2025 Legislative Meeting – February 3 – 5, 2025

Embassy Suites Hotel

Newtown Pike, Lexington

2025 Summer Retreat – June 16 - 18, 2025


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