“An Investment In Your Future”

Kentucky REALTORS® membership entitles you to receive a multitude of services targeted toward enhancing your professional development.

The primary mission of Kentucky REALTORS® is to provide the programs and services you’ll need to enhance your success in the highly competitive real estate industry. The moment you become a member, you benefit. There’s networking opportunities, educational offerings, risk management tools and representation at all levels of government, to name a few. Kentucky REALTORS® is committed to your success.







Various printed and electronic communications offer you an examination of real estate from many different perspectives.

The Kentucky REALTOR® magazine is the official publication of Kentucky REALTORS®. This full-color, 32 page magazine is published twice a year and features the latest in real estate related information and issues designed to help your business succeed. As part of your annual membership dues, the magazine (a $10 value) is automatically delivered to the preferred address on file in the National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS). If you do not receive the magazine, please check your address with your local board/association.

The Real Estate Report is a monthly e-newsletter giving you an in-depth look at factors influencing the industry and your business in Kentucky. The Report features news from across the state and nation as well as tips and tricks to make you more productive and your business more profitable.

Media Relations/Public Relations

As The Voice for Real Estate™ in Kentucky, Kentucky REALTORS® actively promotes the REALTOR® image and makes internal and external audiences aware of the various benefits of utilizing your services.

Online Resources

You can access knowledge 24 hours a day thanks to Kentucky REALTORS® website – www.kyrealtors.com. Constructed to become a leading on-line reference and research center, you (and your customers and clients as well) will find the latest association and industry related news, trends and events and information about Kentucky REALTORS®’ programs and services.


Did you know the terms “REALTOR®” and “real estate agent” are not synonymous. The term “REALTOR®” is owned and protected by the National Association of REALTORS®. As a member, you can use the REALTOR® designation, which distinguishes you from non-member brokers and salespersons. Being a REALTOR® indicates to consumers that you work to protect their private property rights and subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics.

Kentucky REALTORS® is a nonprofit association funded by member dues and exists to enhance your business environment and professionalism. Kentucky REALTORS® membership entitles you to receive a multitude of services targeted toward enhancing your professional development.

Enhanced knowledge is a direct benefit of your Kentucky REALTORS® membership and an opportunity to earn more money (research shows that REALTORS® who hold designations earn more money than those that do not). We promote and teach the body of knowledge of buying and selling property to both our members and the general public. We match today’s hottest speakers with topics and trends that help you be successful REALTORS®. Plus, you benefit from the free exchange of ideas with presenters and industry colleagues alike.

Kentucky REALTORS® is you – a professional community of 10,200 real estate professionals learning all the aspects of the property buying and selling process. By partnering with Kentucky REALTORS®, you become an integral part of a “like-minded” network of successful real estate practitioners. A leading informational resource, Kentucky REALTORS® products and services will help you realize an immediate return on your dues investment.

Kentucky REALTORS®, along with the Kentucky Real Estate Commission, put together a special 18-page safety guide brochure that outlines basic safety practices for REALTORS® and their offices. It also gives 12 safety tips that can be used when meeting clients and showing homes.