Kentucky REALTORS® has been shaped by a multitude of influential and resilient women throughout our history. From our first female president taking office in 1988 to four women serving on the Executive Committee in 2023, KYR is empowered by the women who surround us. We believe in cultivating leaders who have the best interests of our community and members at heart. Below are just a few of the women that have made a profound impact on our Association.


Jayne Cox
KYR’s First Female President, 1988


Evelyn Pusateri
KYR President, 1992


Becky Murphy
KYR President, 1996


Linda Moore
KYR President, 2000


Portia Leftin
KYR President, 2001


Carolyn Edwards
KYR President, 2006


Ann McDonald
KYR President, 2012


Elizabeth Monarch
KYR President, 2023


Pam Featherstone
KYR President, 2024