Kentucky REALTORS® Part of HUD Affordable Housing Roundtable

Kentucky REALTORS® President Lester Sanders participated in an Affordable Housing Roundtable presented by U.S. Housing and Urban Development and hosted by H.U.D. Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday.

Sanders, Sotelo, and Cleveland-LeggettThe “Driving Affordable Housing Across America Bus Tour” kicked off in Louisville, Kentucky, at St. Cecilia Senior Housing Apartments, a public-private partnership that provides affordable housing to a portion of Louisville’s low-income, senior citizens. In addition to a tour, Secretary Carson participated in a roundtable with community members aimed at reducing regulatory barriers to affordable housing and innovative ways to create more affordable housing, particularly for Louisville’s most vulnerable populations. Kathryn Sotelo, President of the Greater Louisville Association of REALTORS® and KYR member, joined Sanders at the event. Also in attendance from H.U.D. was Denise Cleveland-Leggett, Regional Administrator for HUD Region IV. (pictured at center in photo)

President Sanders said it was an opportunity to hear and discuss specific challenges Kentucky stakeholders have regarding affordable housing. “It opens the door for future collaboration as we focus on fair and affordable housing”, he said.

Dr. Carson was pleased with the location chosen as the first stop on his tour across the U.S. “It was a pleasure to kick off our ‘Driving Affordable Housing Across America Bus Tour’ at St. Cecilia Senior Housing Apartments in Louisville today,” said Secretary Carson. “This affordable housing development is a model that should be replicated in other communities across our nation.”

Dr. Ben Carson“Families, businesses, nonprofits, and community leaders all have concerns about the rising cost of housing,” continued Secretary Carson. “This bus tour is an opportunity to bring everyone to the table so we can work together to eliminate outdated regulations and increase our nation’s supply of affordable housing.”

The “Driving Affordable Housing Across America Bus Tour” is a part of the work Secretary Carson is undertaking as the Chair of the White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing established in June 2019. The Council’s eight Federal member agencies are engaging with governments at all levels-State, local, and Tribal-and other private-sector and non-profit stakeholders on ways to increase our country’s housing supply so more Americans have access to affordable housing.

Secretary Carson’s “Driving Affordable Housing Across America Bus Tour” will run through June 2020. For more information visit