makes updates to search and SEO

There have been several new changes to the platform, many of which deal with the “Find Realtors” search and agent profiles. The biggest takeaway from the recent announcements is to claim your profile, include a photo and start gathering recommendations. Not only will these help on the site but will also be great for your SEO.

“Find Realtors” Search – this feature uses a default setting for users to search agents who have uploaded a photo. Unless you have a photo attached to your profile, you will not be displayed with the default search. The feature also uses an algorithm to display search results based on listing and sales activity. If your MLS doesn’t report the buy side of the transaction, an agent could possibly be left behind in the search. makes updates to search and SEO

Agent Profile – it is important for you to claim your profile ( so you can update your information and be found by potential clients. Once your profile is claimed, populate all the relevant information you can to make yours stand out. You can add contact information, bio, social media information, listing data, recommendations and more.

Recommendations and Reviews – these are very different features. Recommendations can be collected immediately from clients, friends and family – anyone who wants to put in a good word about you and your service. These can be loaded into the profile at any time. Reviews, however, are collected only from clients involved with a transaction. You either have to post all reviews or opt-out completely. These are aggregated from a variety of sources and added directly to your profile.

Agent Profile Guide


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