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2022 KYR CODE Grant Program

The Kentucky REALTORS® Community, Economic Development & Housing Affordability Grant Program (CODE) is a way for REALTOR® Associations to play a leadership role in making their communities a better place to live and work. It is a way to give back to our membership, directly affecting the communities and regions where they work, live, and play.  In 2021, Kentucky REALTORS® (KYR) made $60,000 in grant funding available to qualified programs and projects – $10,000 for a project(s) within each of the association’s six regions. These were initiatives that drive economic growth, make quality of life improvements and support homeownership are the focus of this program. We will, once again, be making this $60,000 available to our regions in 2022.

As one of Kentucky’s largest and most influential trade associations, we can provide significant leadership in our communities to drive economic growth, promote community development and help more Kentuckians realize the American Dream of Homeownership. ‘We R Making a Difference!’

Mike Inman, KYR 2022 President



Grant applications are being accepted beginning February 15, 2022, and can be submitted any time during the 2022 calendar year. Approved projects must conclude no later than December 31, 2022.

Once submitted, projects will be reviewed by a Project Review Panel within 10 days to determine if the project meets the funding eligibility.

What types of projects can be considered?

Community Development Projects and Activities – Program funding can support planning, designing and/or building a project that facilitates community conversations and collaboration on projects such as:

  • Efforts to tackle local challenges and issues related to community development
  • Fundraising and/or donations or service on a community development project committee
  • Coordinating and planning specific projects (below are examples for reference only)
    • Recreation areas that have an economic impact
    • Pocket parks, trails, and pedestrian paths
    • Infrastructure and public works projects
    • Community gardens

Economic Development Projects and Activities – Program funding can support economic development-focused projects that meet the following criteria:

Local projects that support community or region-wide economic development strategies or initiatives of local and/or county governments and specifically on such things as:

  • Projects and programs that support the vision and goals stated in a local master plan
  • Projects that foster collaboration between stakeholders to develop plans to revitalize blighted, unused or underused commercial space.

Housing Affordability Projects and Activities – Program funding can support the creation of more affordable housing opportunities.  Examples of these types of projects are as follows:

  • Hold educational activities to address affordable housing issues.  Activities are encouraged to involve partnerships and have broad community outreach.
  • Support new projects or enhance existing efforts that have growth potential


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