Safety Information for REALTORS®

Knowledge. Awareness. Empowerment. These are the core components of REALTOR® Safety. Helping our members understand the risks they face can mean the difference between life and death.

To help remind us to know the dangers we face every day, to be aware of our surroundings, and empower ourselves with precautions and preparations so that we can avoid risky situations and with ongoing efforts to keep our members safe, we have compiled a list of resources dedicated to safety. This is just the start of our commitment to empowering our members.


REALTOR® Safety Tip of the Week

Test smoke detectors at home and office at least once a month. It's recommended that you replace smoke detectors every 10 years.


56 REALTOR Safety Tips 

NAR Safety Page

Safety Video

The Safety Committee
Catherine Corbett, Chair
Lisa Presley, Vice Chair
Charles Hinckley, Imm. Past Chair
Suzanne Reeves, Staff Liaison
Region 1: Matthew Brown
Region 2: Deborah Morgan
Region 3: Claire Schenk
Region 4: Kristina Beasley
Region 5: Robin Roseberry
Region 6: Angela Coovert
At Large: Donna Gregorrich
At Large: Karen Mundy
At Large: Susan Hatton
At Large: John Vincent
At Large: Ty Brown
At Large: Rachel Smith
REALTOR® Safety Packet

REALTOR Safety Packet Cover

REALTOR® Safety Pledge 
Agent Identification Form
REALTOR® Personal Safety Action Plan
REALTOR® Safety Cards
Seller Safety Preparations - Showing Request

Broker & Association Safety Packet

Broker Safety Packet Cover

REALTOR® Safety Pledge
Agent Identification Form
Office/Broker Safety Action Plan
REALTOR® Safety Cards
NAR Safety Tips
Crisis Communication Checklist


Taking precautions with stressed-out clients - 8/12/21


56 REALTOR Safety Tips 

NAR Safety Page

Safety Video


KYR Podcast

KYR Podcast: Interview with Safety Committee Chair

On the 14th edition of the KYR Podcast, Paul Del Rio, Director of Communications, Marketing, and Member Programs welcomed Safety Committee Chair, Cathy Corbett to discuss the importance of REALTOR® safety. You can hear that interview by clicking here

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