Beginning in 2020, KYR and KRI will offer two scholarships to attend the NAR Mediator & Mediation Seminar in Chicago, Illinois

Over 250 dedicated volunteers across Kentucky make the Kentucky REALTORS® professional standards process possible.  We appreciate the time, knowledge and skills they bring for the benefit of consumers and their fellow REALTORS®.  For many years, KYR and KRI have awarded scholarships to Kentucky REALTORS® to attend the NAR Professional Standards Training Seminar in Chicago each August.  In 2019, NAR discontinued this program and instead will focus on sharing new and updated information on professional standards administration and proper application of the Code through alternative means such as webinars, short videos, and other training materials.  The resources are categorized by their intended teaching purpose and can be found at this link:  NAR Professional Standards Training & Information Resources

NAR will continue to offer its intensive Mediator & Mediation training annually in Chicago in September.  Beginning in 2020, KYR and KRI will offer two scholarships to attend the 2020 Mediator & Mediation seminar from September 9 – 11, 2020.  The deadline for submission is May 29, 2020.  This intensive two-and-a-half-day learning experience is designed to enhance and refine your existing mediation skills. The seminar features one full day of three-person mediation simulations, guided by individual mediation coaches.  Click on this link to see more information about the Training:  NAR Mediator & Mediation Training.  The two Kentucky scholarships are open to all REALTOR® members in Kentucky who complete the scholarship application (see link below) and are awarded based upon the following criteria:

  • Professional Standards experience
  • Kentucky REALTORS® meetings and events participation
  • Attendance at previous NAR Professional Standards Education Seminars


Scholarship Amount and Anticipated Expenses

Each winner will receive up to $2,100 as reimbursement for expenses directly related to attending the Mediator & Mediation Training. The following expenses will be paid from the $2,100 scholarship amount: NAR Registration Fee: $500, Hotel Costs: Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile per night total with tax approximately $210 ($179 per night with the combined state and local tax of 17.4 percent.)  Attendees will stay three nights (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, checking out Friday.)  NAR provides a continental breakfast three days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and lunch two days (Wednesday, Thursday.) NAR hosts a networking reception with appetizers on Thursday night.  Attendees are therefore “on their own” for dinners and lunch Friday. The scholarship recipients will use $970 (approximate) remaining for round trip transportation, meals, and incidentals. Winners are required to submit an expense report for reimbursement (hotel, transportation, meals, and incidentals) up to the scholarship amount. 



A letter from the local board president on behalf of the applicant must be submitted along with the application stating the Board’s willingness to assume any costs over and above the scholarship amount OR a letter from the applicant stating their willingness to personally assume costs over and above the scholarship amount. Applicants will also submit a letter of recommendation with the application from an individual whom the applicant has worked with in their Real Estate career. If for some reason the scholarship winner is unable to attend the training, KYR must be notified by August 1, 2020 in order to select a replacement from the list of alternates. If KYR is notified after the above date, the applicant and/or Board is responsible for the registration fee paid to NAR.  Note: In case of cancellation, winners are responsible for any fees (airline, etc.) they may have incurred.  Click on the following link to complete the scholarship application.  Deadline for Submission is May 29, 2020.



If you have any questions, please contact Julie Johnson ( or call 800-264-2185.


Professional Standards Scholarship Winners 1998-2018

Debbie Steiner, KYR                           
Kristin English, KYR
Greg Crase, NKAR

Kathy Ballard, KYR                           
Pam Featherstone, KYR
Lester Sanders, GLAR

Sue Ann Collins, KYR                               
Jonah Mitchell, LBAR

Paula Colvin, KYR                           
Barbara Sondgerath, NKAR

Teresa Barnes, KYR                           
Doug Myers, GLAR

Louise Miller, KYR                               
John Elling, LBAR

Donnie Sims, KYR                           
Cheryl Watson, NKAR

Ruth Ann Bowen, KYR                            
Carl Horton, GLAR

Linda Wiley, KYR                               
Chip Diehl, LBAR

Linzie Craig, KYR                           
Catherine Schramm, NKAR

Diana Stubblefield, KYR                               
Debbie Dison, GLAR

Gary Schroeder, KYR                           
Billy Sherrow, LBAR

Guy Montgomery, KYR                               
Frank Littrell, NKAR

Yolanda Libby, KYR                           
Nelson Collins, GLAR

Jim Collier, KYR                                
Melissa Poynter, LBAR

Tonita Goodwin, KYR                           
Sandy Newel, NKAR

Mary Ann Garback, KYR                               
Alice Hilton, GLAR

Brenda Simpson, KYR                                
Robert Verkamp, NKAR

Jim Collier, KYR                           
Allison Bartholomew, GLAR

Sandi Miller, KYR                               
Jeannie Kronauer, LBAR