REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors

REALTORS Are Good Neighbors


Join the Kentucky REALTORS® Young Professionals Network and the Northern Kentucky Association of REALTORS® on the last day of the 2021 Kentucky REALTORS® Convention as we come together to help Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky (HONK)

Together, we can make a real difference as we serve our neighbors and strengthen our communities.


Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky (HONK) is a non-profit organization with over 25 years of success in guiding families on the path to homeownership. HONK provides affordable housing and homeownership opportunities through a lease-to-own program, offering faith, education, and support to lower income residents of Northern Kentucky. HONK serves Campbell, Kenton and Boone counties in Northern Kentucky with a special emphasis on the urban core.

Please click here to sign up to serve. (We will be assisting in painting and landscaping)
We Will also be collecting items from HONK's wish list to donate. (Please bring your items to the KYR Registration desk at convention)


Laundry baskets

Multi-surface cleaners (409, Lysol, any brand)

Window cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaner and brush

Toilet paper

Dish liquid or dishwasher detergent

Liquid hand soap

Dusting spray


Cleaning gloves



Paper towels

Cleaning rags

Trash bags


 If you like,  click here to purchase a REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors t-shirt from the REALTOR® Team Store to wear while volunteering.